Evidence-Based Interventions in High-Need Schools: An Interdisciplinary Program to Prepare Special Education Faculty

This project will prepare five special education doctoral students to become leaders in the fields of learning disabilities (LD) and emotional/behavioral disorders (E/BD) through their research, teaching, and service. The focus of this program will be on preparing future scholars to address the development, scaling up, and sustainability of evidence based interventions (EBIs) in high-need, culturally diverse schools with the explicit aim of improving the outcomes of students with disabilities. The purpose of this leadership program, therefore, is to prepare national leaders who can (a) increase the amount and quality of EBI research for students with LD and E/BD in high-need, culturally diverse schools, (b) use quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods to address critical issues in learning, development, and behavior, (c) use interdisciplinary theories and research findings on the cultural nature of student and professional learning in the design of EBIs, and (d) provide educational leadership in personnel preparation for a culturally diverse student population.