How to Participate in a Discussion

This page has been archived and has not been updated.

What is the Equity Alliance Discussion Community and how can it help me?

Our community is a support forum where educators, administrators, districts, partners and students can all come together to discuss their questions, conundrums and successful moments in creating and maintaining equity within education.

You'll find a wealth of information about equity in education. You can participate in discussions about various resources, lesson plans, and events and help you find solutions to help you resolve issues, ask questions, get tips and advice, and more.

To participate in our the Equity Alliance Discussion Community forums, you must agree to and abide by the Equity Alliance Discussions Use Agreement—our set of "House Rules."

Basically, please be considerate and polite in your forum discussions. This is an open site, meant to stimulate conversation and progress.

What do I need to get started?

You may browse and read any of the Discussions forums without logging in, but if you want to post a question or reply to messages, you will need to log in with your user ID that allows you to access various online resources. If you don't already have a User ID, you can create an account by clicking Login in the sidebar on the right side of any Discussions page. In the resulting page, click the "create one" link at the bottom of the page, then follow the onscreen instructions to create your User ID.

How are the discussions organzed?

  • Discussion Categories—Categories represent a collection of topical forums as well as other categories, and are used to organize forums. Our categories are generally defined by state, such as Arizona, California and Nevada.
  • Discussions—Discussions are the areas where individual discussions take place. The discussions are displayed as a list of topics. For example, if you're looking for conversations about racial discrimination issues, click on the appropriate link to visit the Discrimination concerns forum.
  • Topics—Topics refer to the actual topics of discussion, each of which consists of messages displayed as a conversation. In our Spotlight example above, all the discussion listings you see in the Spotlight forum are known as topics.
  • Messages—Messages are the individual posts made by community members. If you click a topic to view a discussion, you'll see messages posted by other members.
  • Replies—Replies are posts made in response to other messages and are organized in a flat or threaded manner. For example, if someone posts a question in a topic, other members may post a reply to that question.