Our model for providing assistance

Our Model for Providing Assistance

The Equity Alliance at ASU:

  • partners with state or local education agencies, but requests may originate from teachers, principals, parents, community leaders, and state and district administrators. Any such person may initiate contact that leads to services through the Equity Alliance at ASU.
  • enters into service agreements only with the written permission of the local or state education agency leaders.
  • prioritizes partnerships that offer sustained, in-depth engagement with a state, school, or district.
  • is grounded in principles of continuous improvement and will engage in cycles of learning that build our capacity to share cutting edge research and implementation strategies based on our experience with our partners.
  • provides technical assistance to states, districts, and schools across the US. If we cannot respond to your request, we will refer you to another service provider who can.

Our framework for TA resource and service delivery is structured across a four-tiered continuum. The continuum ranges from a basic level of resource and information dissemination for those who already have the capacity to achieve their desired outcomes within the current structure and policies of the system, to ongoing partnerships with particular school systems for intensive equity work and may include substantial on-site direction, collaboration, coaching, and assessment strategies needed to achieve systemic changes.

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