Equity Work that Matters Spotlight: Partnership for Community Action

Partnership for Community Action

Partnership for Community Action (PCA) is an advocacy and education organization that engages New Mexicans in learning about the issues that most affect their lives and encouraging them to get involved in civic life. We work at two levels for maximum impact. In communities, we help people develop as leaders to create change for their families and their neighborhoods. At the state level, we advocate for systemic change that improves access to quality education, health and economic opportunity for all New Mexicans. Our mission is to build strong, healthy communities throughout New Mexico by investing in people and families—helping them become strong leaders in our neighborhoods and in our state.

Our impact is multifaceted and extends from the individual to families to communities and our state. We have helped develop strong, civic leaders who are effective advocates for their families and their communities. PCA has helped build strong, healthy communities that provide access to quality early learning and education opportunities, prevent substance abuse before it begins, and help immigrants build roots in communities and find support. We also advance systemic change statewide, including enabling policies that improve access to quality education, wellness and economic opportunity for all New Mexicans.

Partnership for Community Action focuses on issues most important to the community, including education, community wellness, immigrant rights and neighborhood organizing.

Education – PCA seeks to improve early learning opportunities for young children and supports bold, innovative education reforms of our state K-12 education system. Through the Communities for Education and Action program, we offer training and resources, engaging parents to become strong advocates for their child’s education. PCA also is a partner of the Mentoring Collaborative, which connects adult volunteers with mentoring opportunities to be positive influences in children’s lives. Furthermore, PCA is incubating the Learning Alliance, a statewide network that fosters information sharing and collaboration to dramatically improve our education system and expand opportunities for New Mexico’s children.

Community Wellness – PCA was founded to develop community strategies to prevent substance abuse. Building on its roots, PCA promotes community wellness through substance abuse and underage drinking prevention initiatives, such as the Underage Drinking Prevention Committee.

Immigrant Rights – Through the Coalicion Comunitaria, PCA engages Spanish-speaking immigrant families in public life and works together to advance community-led solutions.

Neighborhood Organizing – PCA strengthens neighborhoods through community-based programs, such as Community Circle Conferencing, the Partnership Coalition and neighborhood-led initiatives such as the Community Bike Recycling Program.

To learn more about their work click here! or visit their website at www.forcommunityaction.org