About The Equity Alliance

Equity Matters: In Learning, for Life


  • Increase learning outcomes for students who have been marginalized
  • Expand local ownership of equity
  • Demonstrate the impact of culturally responsive practice
  • Dispel the myth that individual student and group deficits account for disparities in access, participation, and outcomes

The Equity Alliance, directed by Alfredo J. Artiles and Elizabeth B. Kozleski, is devoted to research and school reform efforts that promote equity, access, participation and outcomes for all students. Committed to inclusive education, the Equity Alliance values diversity, pushes the boundaries of traditional thinking, and leads by example. We take pride in creating, supporting and promoting educational systems and organizations that:

- Eliminate achievement disparities - Develop inclusive learning environments - Uphold the civil rights of students - Harness the power of family and community involvement in schools and communities
The Equity Alliance also houses a variety of research based equity related initiatives:

- International Comparative Research on Educational Equity, - The Disability, Culture, and Equity book series, co-edited by Drs. Artiles and Kozleski and published by Teachers College Press. - Special Education Leadership grant for School-Wide Equity and Access, - International Multilingual Research Journal, co-edited by Drs. Artiles and MacSwan and published by Taylor & Francis.


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